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Galvanic Nickel-Gold

The nickel-gold plating-surface is abrasion-resistant and corrosion free and therefore it is often used for components with increased mechanical stress (male).
The resist coated circuit board is first provided with an electroplated nickel layer> 3μm as a diffusion barrier (preventing that the subsequent gold gradually “disappears” by diffusion). After the nickel plating followes by the actual galvanic golding. Gold layer between > 0.4μm to 2μm are deposited. This depends of the purpose. For plugs the number of jacking cycles is applied.

General info

0,4 μm:20 jacking cycles

0,7 μm:50 jacking cycles

1,3 μm: 200 jacking cycles

2,0 μm:500 jacking cycles


The shelf life is due to nickel diffusion barrier and the “resilience” of gold “almost” unlimited. Provided, however, is a cleanly executed electroplating.


  • BlackPad effect possible
  • Cost


well suited for higher mechanical stresses.

For example

  • 0.4μm 20 jacking cycles
  • 0.7μm, 50 jacking cycles
  • 1.3μm, 200 jacking cycles
  • 2.0μm, 500 jacking cycles
  • With additions such as cobalt etc. (will also “Hard Gold” called) th egold layer can be deposited without a nickel diffusion barrier.


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