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RoutePro 2008

Our Drill and Route Software RoutePro 2008 is integrated in every delivery of Bungard CCDs. In addition you can upgrade your elder DOS running CCD maschines (machines younger than 1996) to the actual Software RoutePro 2008 in order to operate the machine under Windows 95-Vista.

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Hard- / Software

Hardware: Controller for Bungard CCD / RoutePro 2008 incl. special cabeling

Software: RoutePro2008


  • Driversoftware for Excellon-, Sieb & Meyer and HP/GL-Datas with comfortable operator interface
  • All parameters (speed, scaling, offset, etc.) configurable
  • Speed adjustment by software
  • Inclusive Spindle-quickstop
  • Simple, either manual or automatic tool change
  • improved tool management – parameters for up to 99 tools can be stored
  • Tool position is assignable (only machines with automatic tool change)
  • Graphical screen display of routing vectors and drill coordinates
  • Vectors and drill holes can be selected on the display by mouse
  • Work progress is visualized on the screen
  • You can load route and drill files at the same time and execute them directly one after the other by simply switching
  • Real time capability with handshake for controlled workflow: Emergency-stop, quick-start. Interruption and new start without steploss and redundance is possible

Advantages compared RoutePro 2000

  • Maximum working speed up to 8m/min
  • Step resolution adjustable up to 6,35µm
  • Saving of complete jobs is possible
  • Loading of the tools via CNC machine is possible
  • You can mark vectors and start routing from this vector till end of file
  • The software recognizes our camera and produces a screen display with crosshair on the monitor. Machine can drive either in camera or drill/route mode
  • Teach-in feature supports route files, too
  • Additional software extensions are only available for RP 2008 (and NOT for RP 2000) such as: dispensing software or remote control software!

You can find a detailed description in the manual CCD. See downloads.

Modules for RoutePro 3000




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