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About us


SNC ALMITech is an Algerian company, with great experience since 1991, established in Algiers, it has forged a solid reputation in professional electronic manufacturing.


With a team of competent academics and modern industrial tool we offer products/services well suited to our market and suitable for export, because all our products meet International standards.


SNC ALMITech is by your side for the success of your electronic projects, due to a great experience in the supply and installation of electronic manufacturing workshops, you will be able to produce your own printed circuit boards from a raw material to a finished product with electronic components inserted (SMD, through components DIP)


SNC ALMITech is also the benchmark for the rapid manufacturing of prototype printed circuits, small and large series.


The company also produces equipment (electronic cards) in the field of electronic security:


-Anti-Intrusion Systems
-Fire Detection Systems
-Access control systems (Automation)


Since its creation, SNC ALMITech has provided its customers with the best of technology and offers them services that are constantly revised and improved to adapt to their constantly changing requirements and expectations.


Our company also contributes to the emergence and influence of new technologies, by supporting projects carried out by large companies and also by students finishing their studies.


SNC ALMITech, intervenes in various sectors:


Over a hundred customers trust us each year, including:


-Presidency of the Republic (DGSCT)
-Ministry of Justice
-Ministry of National Defense (DGMT, BCL,… .etc)
-Ministry of Health
-Ministry of Higher Education
-Directorate General of Forests.
-National Center for Press Documentation (CNDP).


Institutional research centers:


-BERINE Nuclear Research Center (CRNB)
-ALGER Nuclear Research Center (CRNA)
-Scientific Research Center (CSC).
-Research center in the field of Renewable Energies (CDER).
-Industrial Technologies Research Center (CRTI)
-Center for Development of Advanced Techniques (CDTA).
-Solar Equipment Development Unit (UDES)
-Research Center in Semiconductor Technology for Energy (CRTSE)

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