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Stenprint 3000

The StenPrint3000 is a manual printing system with a stable base for a high print quality. The solid construction provides clean and reproducible pressure with simple handling, even with small components and fi ne structures down to 0.5 mm.



Three types of stencil supports are available.

Stencil holder frame
Stencil holder frame
For the simplest of tasks, there is the universal stencil holder frame in which the stencils can be easily clamped without tension.
Stencil clamping frame

Stencil clamping frame
Optimal is the use of the universal stencil clamping frame. Various stencil sizes can be used here. The tensioning is carried out from two sides. No perforation of the stencil is required.

Mounting rail

Mounting rail
The third option is a mounting rail for the use of fi xed aluminum frames or common quick-release systems.



General info

Dimensions (LxWxH):640 x 400 x 150 mm
lid closed

Floor space:545 x 360 mm

Clamping frame size: max. 460 x 30 x 355 mm

Table/usable area:max. 390 x 290 mm



  • It is ideally suited for the production of prototypes and small series.
  • In the basic model, one-sided and doublesided printed circuit boards can be printed with the help of the magnetic circuit board holders.
  • For this purpose, the circuit boards are fixed on the base plate and supported by the magnetic circuit board holders. By means of rotary knobs, the print alignment can be performed quickly and easily in X-Y and Theta axis.
  • A parallel lift ensures a clean separation of the printed circuit board and stencil and guarantees a perfect print image.
  • For double-sided printing you can fix the pcb with the magnetic pcb-holders (this is mandatory when using the universal stencil clamping frame)


  • Stencil clamping frame / Quick action frame
  • Squeegee
  • Spatula
  • Squeeze bottle, e.g. for cleaners
  • Magnetic feet (8 x board holders, 4 x board supports)

Techn. Data

Dimensions (LxWxH): 640 x 400 x 150 mm lid closed

Floor space: 545 x 360 mm

Clamping frame size: max. 460 x 30 x 355 mm

Table/usable area: max. 390 x 290 mm

Adjustment range X/Y: +/- 7,5 mm

Theta adjustment range: +/- 3°

Parallel lift: 2 mm

Weight: approx. 15 kg plus options

With stencil holder frame:
Template size: max. 420 x 320 mm
PCB size/usable area: max. 380 x 280 mm

With stencil clamping frame:
Template size: max. 360 x 280 mm
PCB size/usable area: max. 330 x 270 mm

With magnetic holder set for two-sided printing:
Circuit board bottom: max. 18 mm



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