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Reflow Oven IN6




1.Full heat convection, excellent soldering performance.

2.16 working files can be stored, flexibly convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit, easy to understand

3. Smart control with a high sensitivity temperature sensor, the temperature can be stabilized within + 0.2℃.

4.Built-in welding smoke filtering system, elegant appearance and eco-friendly.

5. High-performance aluminum alloy heating plate instead of the heating pipe, both energy-saving and high-efficient, and transverse temperature deviation is less than 2℃.

6. Heat insulation protection design, the casing temperature can be controlled within 40℃.

7. Equipped with an ESD tray, easy to collect PCB after reflowing, convenient for prototypes.

8.6 temperature zones, light and compact.

9.PCB soldering temperature curve can be displayed based on real-time measurement

10.Approved by TUV NORD CE, qualified and reliable.


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