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RoutePro 3000

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Options i.e.

Under RoutePro 3000, all previous software elements such as:

  • Drilling and routing of circuit boards
  • Isolation milling and engraving
  • Laser exposure of any photo resist
  • Dosing / filling
  • Remote control


  • modern optics with Windows 7 ribbon bar, floating or docking windows
  • Machine and tool parameters are stored job related
  • A wizard ensures that all tools are properly provided with parameters
  • Tool parameters can be stored according to material and router or drill type
  • Language module for easy translation
  • Machine configuration graphically interactive
  • In the standard RoutePro 3000 up to 4 files are read in at the same time; e.g. Reference holes, drill file, milling file top and milling file bottom.
  • Detailed online help with step-by-step instructions
  • Units can be switched from inches to metric


All parameters (speeds, scaling, offset, etc.) configurable.
Software side speed setting 30000-63000 1/min, inclusive Spindle quick stop

  • easier manual tool change. Drilling diameter> 0.1 mm
  • Driver software for Excellon, Sieb & Mey-er or HP / GL data on Windows XP …. Windows 8 (32 – or 64-bit) with convenient user interface
  • improved tool-statistics with parameters for up to 99 tools
  • screen presentation of milling vectors and drill holes
  • selection of vectors to be processed + drill holes using the mouse on the screen
  • Working progress indicator on the screen
  • Milling and drill files can be simultaneously loaded and executed successively by simply switching the file.
  • Real-time capability with handshake on work progress for controlled operation and stops.
  • optional USB CAMERA is displayed on the screen with a crosshairs. For older machines, we can convert the controller of the CCD.

Modules for RoutePro 3000



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