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HotAir 06

The HA06 is a solder oven for SMD component with the use of lead free paste.

The oven is work-ing with full convection forced air during the preheat stage. When the reflow stage is entered the heating will be done by hot air and quartz lamps.

The lamps are needed to get a short ramp speed. Once the refl ow set point is reached the lamp power will be reduced to a minimum. At this point 85% of the heating is caused by forced hot air. This unique feature makes the oven suitable for solder big SMD components and/or components with pads under their casing while using lead free paste.

With good maintenance and proper use the oven will serve your solder needs for a long time with high quality solder results.

General info

Max. substrate surface:300 x 370 mm

Dimensions (LxWxH):550 x 490 x 335 mm

Heating zones: 2 zones – microprocessor controlled

Reflow temp:90 – 300°C


  • Outstanding reflow soldering quality for SMD and hybrid
  • Hot air quartz oven Cures SMD adhesive
  • Two heating zones
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Reflow process view

Techn. Data

Power req: 208/240 V 1 phase 50/60 Hz

Dimensions (LxWxH): 550 x 490 x 335 mm

Rated power: max. 3650 W

Max. Substrate surfacee: 300 x 370 mm

Number of heating zones: 2 zones – microprocessor controlled

Preheat time: 0 – 999 sec.

Preheat temp: 60 – 260°C

Reflow time: 0 – 999 sec.

Reflow temp: 90 – 300°C

Heat up time to thermal stabilization: approx. 8 min.

Net weight: 18 kg

Options: connection inert gas N2 with flow meter


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